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Science and Cyberpunk

by J Dark
February 12, 2018

Science continues to make amazing strides in technology creation and application.  Note this latest one.

Also, this arm seems to be almost cyberpunk-ready.

The force is strong: Amputee controls individual prosthetic fingers — ScienceDaily

These incremental steps are bringing us closer to mechanically replaceable limbs, and perhaps even a nervous system, which would be a way around diseases such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

To Write

by J Dark
February 8, 2018
To write
It means so much in so many ways, to so many.
The lyrical emotion of a crafted poem,
the imagination-inducing text of description
the bone-deep emotion of a song
All, in the end, stem from the mind,
and the fingers,
of one who dares
to write.

A few thoughts on what I’ve learned about writing

by J Dark
February 5, 2018

What I learned about being a writer is that

a) it’s hard work,

b) there are long days of struggle with few sentences, and occasional bursts of inspiration that can cover pages,

c) the stories are what drive the writer, the desire to see for themselves, what happens next, and finally

d) there is nothing like seeing the end of the story so another can begin.