On Writing again

Another post with a lag between. I apologize for that. I’ve started some stories, but haven’t found one yet that’s called me to finish it. It’s a bit like making characters in MMO games for me. There are times when the character swaggers out of the mists of creation fully formed, with a goal, a personality, and a full and rich background. Other times it make take rounds of play and many hours of pondering to finally piece together the character. And still, there are some that for whatever reason, are so vague, that no amount of creative brainstorming can seem to come up with a way to create a viable personality, and goal to make a character enjoyable.  When that happens, it’s laid aside, in hopes that something will give it the spark of life.  I keep my fingers crossed.

Working on snags in stories

I find that when I’m working on a story, I get a snag trying to figure out where a scene is going.  If I can’t figure it out right away, I’ll start writing random words, or start a new story and give my mind a chance to try and unravel the knot.  I think this is why I have so many unfinished ones.  🙂

Randomizing ideas and science



I think we’ve reached the point where we can safely say that artificial limbs are only a few years away.  Couple that article with the one on bypassing a spinal cut, and there’s a real possibility for paraplegics to start walking again.  Actually that might make an interesting story.  A person bound to a wheelchair after being hurt while doing a job comes back with a stronger lower limbs than when she was hurt.  How do the people around her react to the change?  If the company was negligent in the injury, how does it react?

Writing Styles

This question I’m sure comes up a lot for people to ask authors, and authors to answer.  “How did you write your book?”  I know with some authors, everything is sketched out beforehand, then elaborated and cleaned up as it is written.  Others, like me, tend to just start writing and the story goes where it will.  Both work.  Just because you can’t write like your favorite author should tell you something.  You’re not that person.  Write to tell a story your way.  It takes time and practice.  It’s worth it in the end.

A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

I’ve found all the effort behind the scenes to be a real education.  The publishers asked, and helped me get these sites set up in Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and here.  The idea is to introduce myself, quirks and all, to people, and get you all curious about the crazy person behind the screen.  😉  Seriously though, publishing a book is a lot of work for all involved.  This is just one part, trying to create interest.  I freely admit to not being the best or most experienced poster.  So this is education in itself, which is exciting and frustrating for me.  I’m a very shy person in real life so getting me on something like this is akin to walking nude in public.  Anyways, to those who read this, thanks for sharing a bit of your day.  🙂

How fast things can change

A fiery crash ended a life today, one that had such promise.
Drugs, rebellion, and anger tore it from that path.
The woman stole a car, then tried to run away.
The police didn’t let her go, and neither did her despair.
The wreck killed her quickly, her body crushed beyond hope.
The promise in young eyes is gone.
The promise of youth is wasted.
The future is gone, and the memories are oil spattered dust
on a faceless road where no one will remember what was taken
by the choices, and the cost of them.

A Blast from the Past

((This is an excerpt of the first story in the old City of Heroes MMO that I joined. I can’t thank everyone in that game enough.  They showed me how much fun a cooperative game is.))

“OK”, said Flash-Over, “Plan B”. “What’s that?”, I said. Jack just tackled me and screamed “‘Kickers down!” Then the whole world went up. My legs, where Jack hadn’t been able to cover me with the tackle, felt like they had just been dipped in molten lava. I screamed as the pain hit me. A pulse of heat-generated pressure hammered the breath out of me.

I panicked and Jack just held me down for a few moments more, then got off me and I got a chance to look around. Most of the Tsoo were down with second and third degree burns, and a lot of the crates looked worse off than the Tsoo did. Hyper-Man was the first off the ground and he cut loose on the lone remaining sorcerer and hammered him flat. “Anybody else want a shot!” Hyper-Man called out. Groans and dropping weapons eloquently answered his question. This fight was over.

“Listen, pledge, this was a rough introduction to the team, but we are glad to have you. Err, by the way, your pants are smoking. “Uh…..thanks”, I said, still dazed from the blast. I looked around at all the scorched and burned people and crates. “What was that?” “That was Flash-Over, and ‘Plan B’ means find cover ’cause its gonna get hot.” “Does she do that often?” “No, just when she gets pissed at something, or we’re in it deep.” I looked around again and spotted a forklift that had been near me when the blast happened. The forks were sagged and looked like they had been halfway melted, which they had. “Remind me to stay on her good side.”

State of the Submission

Currently, Glass Bottles (or whatever the eventual name will be), is in review.  It’s expected that there will be two more edits and reviews to iron out any logic gaps and story bumps.  In the meantime I’m going over book two, and doing some short story writing for fun.  I don’t think any of the shorts will be published, but you never know.  I just like the chance to try out ideas.

Glass Bottles Teaser

Zhirk turned Hervald over. A small bottle clung to the side of his hand. I squatted down to get a better view. It was made of an odd looking metallic glass. A small cork stopper lay on the floor.

I looked Hervald over carefully. His eyes were open and glassy. Spittle dribbled from the corner of his mouth, dripping to the carpet and soaking slowly in. His chest rose and fell shallowly, so he wasn’t dead. It was like no one was home at all. I looked again at the bottle and sounded out a small spell to see if magick was active. The moment the spell activated, I had to douse it, as the power nearly burned my eyes from their sockets. The bottle was glowing like a small sun. What the hell was going on here?