Red, Black, White Part 6

The crowd at the police barricade was getting restive. Clio Winter had been quietly doing as she was told. “Boston PD has cordoned the apartment complex off to do a building to building search for the fugitive. We’ll let you back to your homes as soon as we catch him.”

She looked to her left to see how her classmates were doing, when a belligerent voice growled, “This is bullshit! All you’re doing is keepin’ us here so you can do illegal searches in our homes. I bet you’re plantin’ evidence too, just so’s you can get rid of us!”

She turned back towards the crowd as a large man forced his way to the front of the barricade. He had on dark pants, with a oversized blue baseball shirt that had ‘Boston’ in red letters. He was of a height with Clio, but his bulk was easily double her weight. His dark skin gleamed in the sunlight, making him seem carved from Walnut. Blue eyes met her own as he scowled.

He looked to either side, smiled, then pointed his hand at Clio. “This is just another trick of THE MAN, the establishment keepin’ us down! Put them in their place! Screw ’em when they get uppity! Just another police state against us! You can see it! Look around! They’re just…” Clio stepped forward and braced the man. At a touch over six feet, she could look him straight in the eye.

“Sir, I understand your frustration. If you will please wait, we will be making an arrest soon. We apologize for making you wait. You’ll be able to go home soon.” Clio stayed in front of the man as she spoke, her eyes remaining on his. She knew that breaking eye contact was not recommended, as that gave the troublemaker a psychological edge.

The large man stiffened, looking at Clio. “I’m going home now, bitch.” He pushed the yellow and black sawhorse out of the way and went to push past her. “Come on, we’re done wit’ dis shit!”

Clio took a step in front, placing her hand on his chest, stopping him. “Sir, you are under arrest. Attempting to cross a police line and inciting to riot.”

The man stopped in his tracks as Clio grabbed his arm, stopping him from crossing the picket line. He looked down at her slim hand, surprised at the strength within the grip. He turned to look at the restive crowd, and started to take a deep breath. Whatever he had in mind stopped the moment Clio grabbed his balls in an iron grip, and twisted, hard. His eyes bulged, and the color seemed to drain from his face. He rose on tiptoes and uttered a weak, gasping squeak as Clio loosened the pressure, and the tightened her hand and twisted again.

“You are under arrest, you do understand?”, Clio told the man. He nodded his head rapidly up and down. “You will walk quietly to the cruiser parked to your right without complaint. Do you understand?” Another vigorous nod. Clio half-thought his head might fall off he was nodding it so fast. “I will let go now and we will go to the car. Any kind of action that is not walking and is in any way disrespectful or threatening, I will. Twist. Them. Off. Do you understand?”

He nodded, then nodded faster as Clio twisted a little harder. The crowd looked shocked when their self-appointed leader suddenly quit agitating. She noticed a couple of the men wincing as they saw what she was doing to the agitator. Maybe I should ask the class instructor if this was proper procedure. She shook her head. If it wasn’t it might go on her record. She decided that what people didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.