Review of ‘A Classic Beginner’s Mistake’ by Philip Brewer

‘A Classic Beginner’s Mistake’ is an interesting title in the sense it’s about a situation that is minor to the story but does encompass the entirety of the story. The main character is a fencer, currently closer to a beginner than a master swordsman. Asking a question prompted by his instructor Odessa Rae Clover, to swordmaster Vergil whom he was reporting to in order to correct a problem, Trevo was told by Vergil that if he wanted the answer he would have to fight for it.

The story is well crafted and detailed enough to help the reader through the action scenes without slowing down the pace. The world and the reason for Trevo’s assignment to well described in a unique setting that adds a detailed background that does an excellent job of supporting and coloring the main story. I enjoyed this story and would recommend for the swordplay and the unique magical realm that the story is centered in.

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