Skid Style part 6

His braking had torn huge chunks and splinters from the wooden pier. It looked like someone had drug a crane scoop along the wood. Some of the crates had been spun sideways by the shockwave of his passage. About twenty feet back towards the crates, a man in a black shirt and blue jeans slowly pushed himself off the ground with a pained groan. Where the heck did he come from? Skid looked back towards the crates, and at the top was a second man, partly covered by crates to his back and left. The other crates had been knocked away by Skid’s shockwave.

“Dammit!”, the second man, who’s dark skin was still lighter than his dark blue shirt and faded blue jeans. He saw Skid looking at him. He paled, then reached behind him with both hands. Skid didn’t wait, and accelerated again. The shockwave picked up the first man and knocked him into the crates. The second was hit and flew off at an angle as skid put on the brakes, sending splinters and chunks of wood flying past him as he came to a stop. He trotted back quickly to the where the second man had been. Finding the crates shifted, he trotted around to the other side of the huge pallets, looking for the man. He found him dazedly trying to push himself up off the ground. The first man was lying prone at the front of the pallets, laying sideways his face upturned, in a partly crushed wooden crate.

Skid ignored the man and trotted over to the dark-skinned man, who groggily tried to take a swing at him, and fell face first on the wooden surface of the pier. Skid quickly flipped the man over, and took his belt off, then looped the belt over the man’s hands and tied the end of the belt to one of the man’s legs, keeping his back arched so he couldn’t loosen the belt and wiggle free. Once he was confident the man wouldn’t escape easily, he went to check on the first man. He found him still passed out, his face and clothes scratched and torn by flying wood splinters. I got to find a better way. This sucks. He gingerly checked for any visible broken bones, and seeing none, sped off the dock and looked for Ms Menendez to report what he’d found.

It took him a couple minutes to search the docks and found her on the second pier south of the one he’d encountered the two men. “Hey! Follow me! I caught ’em!” He waved his hands under the large lamp at the edge of the pier. The guard did a slow run to the car, and stared it up. Skid watched the lights flip on and ran in front of the car to direct her to the scene. When they got back, Skid saw the man he’d tied up, just starting to put his belt back around his pants. His eyes got wide as he heard the car, then he turned to run, only to trip over a foot Skid had stuck in front of him. He stumbled, and Skid body blocked him into the crates. “Freeze! I mean it! You don’t move! Don’t Move!” Ms Menendez was out of the car, a pistol drawn in one hand as she keyed the shoulder comm with the other. “I got two men, broken crates. Seven-one. I repeat Seven one.”