The benefits of background noise

When I’m writing, I like it quiet generally.  however, this is not always the case.  While I was working on ‘Beguiling Words’, I found that instrumental music really helped me focus. Oddly enough, or perhaps, in keeping with my desire for quiet while I imagine and write, instrumental jam tracks really gave me enough background noise that I could shout out the noise of street repair and traffic.  Regular music doesn’t work very well for me, as I think it’s that I pay more attention to the singers.  I hear a voice and want to answer back, even if it is just a song.  Instrumentals don’t affect me in that manner.  They’re mood-setters. The music conveys the emotion, so I don’t just listen, I have to ‘feel’ with my ears. This makes a lot of difference in focus.

here a few tracks that helped create Beguiling Words by setting mood with sound.

I like the longer ones simply because they last longer when I get in a groove with writing, but they all help me concentrate.


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