The Jiminy part 13

The view suddenly started jerking a little as the movement accelerated. the view leaped and hopped the counter, grabbing a plastic dispenser that had scratch and win tickets. This was smashed on the ground, the plastic shrapnel scattering far and wide as a slim hand in a black windbreaker scooped the tickets up and out of sight. The view spun and blurred, then sharpened as two figures with a heavy chain wrapped it around an ATM machine. The view spun back as cartons of cigarettes were grabbed and thrown towards the smashed door. The ATM suddenly disappeared, being dragged through the smashed door,and taking part of the frame with it on the way out. It appeared to ricochet off the cement posts in front of the door and was gone into the dark. Red lights flashed then turned left, followed by a shower of sparks. The view turned back again and two more cartons of cigarettes were ripped from storage behind the counter, and stuffed away into the windbreaker.

Then all action stopped. Bright lights flashed and the figure was backlit, the shadow had it’s hands on it’s head as a larger, and stockier figure moved in the background. The shadow shrunk and sharpened as it moved, then the other’s hands were pulled down, one at a time, and the view shook slightly as this happened. The view flashed forward to a courtroom made of green-gray linoleum floors, a raised floor with a metal desk with a thick wooden top, and brownish folding chairs all over the floor. There were six figures in orange jumpsuits, each with chains and a pair of officers flanking them. The view shifted up and there was moments of up and down motion, then the judge slapped the wooden mallet down. Fast forward again to ‘Dallas County Juvenile Detention’ in silver letters mounted on red brick. A fast forward once more to the room that the view started in, back at the exact moment the pullover tee-shirt nighty dropped onto the bed.

“So? What do I gotta do?” ‘……..’ sped across the screen. Travis felt like it was wiping a hand down a face, like he had no clue. Well, dammit, he didn’t have a clue. ‘After all this, you still haven’t got a clue, Jiminy?’ “Hell no, all I got is this weird ride through a screw-up’s life, and all this peepin’ on her doesn’t set well with me. Do I gotta watch her pee and take a shower too?” ‘No, you don’t.’ The view dimmed to the former flat grey wall. The wall stayed grey for a long time as Travis waited for an explanation. After what seemed like hours, the screen brightened. The scene in front of him wasn’t the bedroom any more.

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