The Jiminy Part 3

The sign scrolled cheekily, ‘Get dressed and find out’. “How the hail am I supposed to do that?! Ain’t no clothes here!” ‘Ask for them’, the sign scrolled testily. “Ask for clothes, just like that. Well fine, I want some clothes!” Travis waited, then waited some more. ‘You have to ask for what kind, unless you want to wear a thong bikini?’, the sign scrolled with what seemed a wiggling smirk to Travis. “A thong bikini?” The words had just passed Travis’ lips when the was a sudden swirling rush of air around him. He blinked as the sheets swirled up then settled back down, sliding past the twin white triangles of cloth that now rested on his chest. His nether regions had a sudden funny rubbing feeling. He looked down at the unfamiliar sensation. His eyes went as wide as dinner plates when he saw what was now in place over his chest. Travis screamed and quickly thrashed out of the top and bottom, his face pale and sweating. Oh my gawd, what the hell just happened? That was like some stupid comedy trick, only it ain’t funny! How did they…it…get that on me without noticing?

Suspicious, Travis looked back over at the sign over the door. I swear, it ain’t doing nothing, but I get the feeling that it’d be whistling and smiling like a damn cat that ate a canary. The longer he looked, the more the notion seemed to be fact. “You set me up”, he growled furiously. The sign somehow continued to act innocent, and innocently scrolled, ‘Who, me? How could I set you up? I’m just a sign.’ Travis believed that not for a second. It was a dream, dammit! It was his dream and he should be in charge. ‘You’re not in charge,’ the sign printed slowly, that smug know-it-all attitude oozing from it once more. That really chapped Travis’ ass. If it was a person, I’d smack it up one side and down the other and really show it whose boss. This is a dream! Any moment I’ll wake up and this stupid room will be gone and I won’t have to remember anything, especially that… Travis squeezed his eyes shut hard and compressed his lips into a thin line. He would not mention what just happened a few moments ago, to anyone, especially his best friend Harvey. I’d never hear the end of it, and he’d tell everyone else, and no one would ever let it go.

‘You mean your ex-best friend?’, scrolled the sign. Travis wasn’t certain but the room seemed to suddenly grow a little colder. He pulled up the sheets then lay back down, a cold sweat breaking out on him. ‘Aren’t you going to ask?’, printed the sign slowly. Travis didn’t answer, he had shut his eyes attempting to will himself to wake up and end this strange dream. He’d just started to relax when the whole room shook like an earthquake. The bed was stuck to the floor somehow and never slid or shifted, but the same couldn’t be said for Travis. The sudden tilt to the right nearly spilled him out the side, an the tilt forward threw him up and off the bed like a catapault. He landed on the floor and skidded face-first into the far wall with a loud thud.

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