The Power of ‘What if’

Two words in writing have so much power.  ‘What if’.  These crystallize and encapsulate all that is possible, might be possible, or already is happening.  It’s the impetus to see what follows the question.  For me, they are my favorite words to start a story in my mind.

Another favorite thing is ‘And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street’.

If there is any story or poem that displays the imagination so thoroughly about writing, I’m not certain what it is.  It is boundless imagination starting with a simple beginning, and it builds, and builds until a horse and cart becomes a three ring circus and show on Mulberry Street.

Sadly, and accurately, it also shows how imagination is stifled.  How a disapproving word can kill an imagination.    All I can leave you with here is:

Let your imagination ask ‘what if’, and let yourself take flight.

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