What a day can bring you

Writing is about imagination, clarity, precision,  and communication.  Depending on the subject and the nature of the writing,  one or more of those will be the major focus and the others will back it up.  Writing is also about well, writing – doing the actual job of putting words on paper and doing the work of writing rather than the preparation.  It’s all in your hands whatever the subject of the dissertation is – fantasy, Ph D paper, technical paper, news, poetry, music.  It comes down to writing in a manner that creates the proper details for the subject.

Since I like science fiction and fantasy as a reader, I also like to write those kind of stories.  All of the stories come from ideas mashed together from other authors or surprisingly, things that happen during the day.  For an example, I can usually wake up early and am at my writing station by 5am local time.  The other day, we had a weather front charge through and I believe the sudden change in barometric pressure had me stay in bed until 9am before I finally awoke.

Which gave me the idea of ‘what if – death was on a tight schedule and couldn’t wake you up to take you from the living world?’  What kind of things would come from oversleeping your death?  Would you be immortal or stuck paralyzed in bed or perhaps you woke up and couldn’t sleep? Maybe you see things hanging in the air and since you could see them, they could se you?

This is a great premise, and it’s a reasonable start, but my job now is to decide a direction, and write to that direction by listening and following where the story goes.  And that comes to writing.  It does no good to leave it in my mind.  I don’t have an eidetic memory, so ideas can disappear if they are not acted upon.  Which means sitting down and writing.

I’ll wrap up here so I can return to doing a dash of writing before I get my third cup of boiled brown bean juice.  See you later!

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