Hack the Future part 12 ( Steven Schaufler & J Dark )

“It would be a shame to discover that Humanity First found out about her. Rabid humans like them could make both your lives very short.”

“What do you want, bitch.” TJ was glowering at the sorceress who blinked in surprise that a ‘mere’ human would dare to insult her. The two wands shifted to aim at TJ. Blade tensed, shifting forward on the sofa, and the nearest mage to her swung back at the motion to cover her.

“You are impertinent, even for a human. We have shared wine and hospitality.” She didn’t turn to look at the two mages. “Put the weapons away. We’re not here to kill them.” The mages hesitated, then reluctantly, slid the wands back into the belt sheaths.

“You got some nerve yourself. First you toast us, then threaten. Then you do an about face and go back to toasting. You gonna threaten again so we all start shooting?” He looked at Irelle, his hand resting on the kitchen floor, mere centimeters from the butt of the revolver. “Your call Lady.” He waited, coiled like a snake waiting to strike. Blade felt herself tense up as the two mages looked to the sorceress for their instructions. Irelle watched TJ through narrowed eyes, then looked down. Runes glowed and her wine glass floated to her. She raised the glass to TJ, and then perfunctorily to Blade, and drank.

“The job would be to kidnap someone. They’re an active member of Humanity First.” She waved her hand, and a thick manila folder popped into existence just above the coffee table, and dropped with a solid slap of paper on glass. She looked at TJ, then Blade. “You complicate many things, half-breed.”

– – – –

Taking a slow, deep breath, TJ let his gaze drift briefly towards his partner. He’d known she had her secrets, as did he, but for the most part, they didn’t have the potential to fuck things up for them as badly as her being a half-breed did. This wasn’t the time to worry about it however. The arrogant clucker and her proposal were the matters at hand, and they intruded rather suddenly into his thoughts again, with the sound of a heavy folder slapping onto the table.

Irelle’s golden eyes locked onto his with what could only be described as a challenge, and he met it head on. Holding her gaze without so much as blinking, he stepped close enough to the slender elf to brush against her as he reached for the folder, and it was her eyes that blinked in surprise. Not only because a mere human dared to get this close, but that it was done with such a casual nonchalance, feigned or not. It was almost amusing to her, and she watched him curiously as he began to peruse the folder’s contents. Then he looked at her again, and there was nothing amusing in that steely gaze.

„Go for it“ he told her in a quiet, conversational tone. His index finger marking a page in the closed folder, as he turned his back to her to rummage through the drawer of one of the endtables. As such, he couldn’t see the surprised blink, or how she cocked her head to the side as she asked „Excuse me?“

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