Hack the Future Part 13 ( Steven Schaufler & J Dark )

It was a question to which no answer was forthcoming, yet. Instead, as he found the pack of smokes he’d been looking for in the drawer, he winked at his partner, even as he fumbled a cigarette from the pack and lit it. Blade knew him well enough, and that grin on his face, which was meant to be encouraging, was anything but. It was his typical ‘time to raise the stakes’ grin, which more often than not got them into trouble. But she also knew better than to try to stop whatever he was about to do. So she just sat, still worrying how bad their trust had been shaken after Irelle’s revelation, and watched him turn back to the pale elf.

TJ inhaled the first drag deeply, then sighed contently. He’d been craving a smoke since they got into they left the Dayner building, and despite this day getting crazier by the minute, he simply didn’t want to wait anymore. Besides, why not combine the pleasant with the useful? He thought to himself. He had taken a second, deep drag just before he turned to face Irelle. Tall as she was, they were nearly eye to eye and when he finally answered her, any fool would realise his timing was deliberate, as he blew a cloud of faint blue smoke into the elf’s face with each of the first three words. „I said: Go for it Elle. I know your type. The same, whether human, elf or whatever… spoiled, arrogant little cunts who resort to passive-aggressive threats the moment things don’t go their way. And it’s been my policy to just let them go for it and make good on those threats, and have them deal with the consequences. The difference between you and the other spoiled brats however, is that they knew what those consequences were. You, ‘Elle, do not.“

He watched her closely as he spoke, and the way her face contorted in rage and disbelief brought a smile to his lips. Not just one of satisfaction but, one that gave truth to Irelle’s words, for it was decidedly impertinent as well. Not that he had any intention of letting up, either, despite the white-knuckled grips her peons had on their wands. „The only thing you have going for you, is some old, respected bloodline, unless I miss my guess. I mean, really, there’s not enough meat on you to keep a guy warm at night, and I’ve seen bigger tits on prepubescent teenagers, so the /only/ thing that could account for your arrogance is your blood. And in that case, let me elucidate you. Your blood means jack shit to me. I’ve met some of your esteemed peerage, you know, the kind who really deserve respect, unlike spoiled children such as yourself; I am also fully aware exactly where some of them dwell. So you need to ask yourself if revealing one mongrel’s whereabouts is worth compromising the safety of your oldest families.“

The brief pause was only long enough for him to take another quick drag, and let his eyes sweep over the three elves. He was pretty sure his point had been made but as angry as he was at their behavior, he really didn’t want a fight. That might have been evident when he didn’t cloud Irelle’s face in blue fumes again but, he nevertheless raised the hand holding the folder. „The way I see it, we have three options here. First: We can continue hurling threats and insults at each other until one of loses their cool and we all go down dying in order to satidfy our ego“; he slightly lifted one finger off the folder. „Second: You leave in a huff and report Blade and before you get over the joy that brings you, you realise I wasn’t lying and your people are shy a few elders“; a second finger raises slightly. „Or, my personal prefernce, to be honest, third: We can discuss the contents of this folder as equals, and see if we come to an accord. I do have to remind you again, however, that we are currently on a job already.“ He paused then, looking at Irelle who clearly was not happy at being spoken to in such a manner, and her peons seemed to be ready for murder but even so, he grinned at her and shrugged „The choice, ‘Elle, is yours.“

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