New potential series / short stories

Hi there, I’m only  …ummm… 8 days late with my next post.  What’s going on is I have been giving a lot of thought to the ‘Glass Bottles’ series as the 4th book is working towards a finish, and then the likely 5th and final book for it will be next.  Which means I need another series to write.  I’ve a number of choices and potential formats.  Urban Fantasy is fun and entertaining to write, plus there’s on occasion of ‘Magick’ being a useful bit of Deus ex Machina.  I like Science Fiction also, and have a few stories that I’ve written, which can be another choice.  A genre that I’ve enjoyed going back to my teen years has been Horror, both monstrous and psychological. Right now what I have as an idea is a second Urban Style Fantasy about a reluctant mage who during a near suicide, gained a new albeit very primitive prosthesis, and a new lease on life, should he choose to use this chance.  If you’re curious, I’m referring to a story named ‘Redleg’ in ‘Sometimes after Dark’  which is a series of short stories.

One of the books I’m reading for my own curiosity, and perhaps research is ‘Street Life in London’  by J. Thompson, F.R.G.S., and Adolphe Smith.  THis is a series of photographs taken in 1876-77, and constitute one of the first, if not the first photojournalism and documentary.  Each photograph has a 1-3 page story about it and the people displayed.  This constitutes a fascinating account of street life of a fashion that has few comparatives today.  If you’re at all curious, I recommend it.  This may be well the start of a short story or series based in Victorian London.  As with Urban Fantasy it all starts with a ‘What if’.

What if: the difference Engine by Charles Babbage was developed and the public and mathematicians found that there truly was magic in numbers?

It’s food for thought certainly.  I don’t know if anyone will reply but I’ll ask what might pique your interest in stories?  I will happily reply to any votes or questions.

Until next time!  🙂

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