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Hi!  Since I’m not longer with Facebook (and never likely to go back until they quit blocking me if I take my computer out of the house to the donut shop for coffee) I will do updates and conversations here.  This is currently a very limited venue, but one I hope to enlarge over the coming weeks.  Right now it’s been a looooong time silent because I hadn’t any new portions of stories to share.  Today it’s not about sharing a story but starting a conversation about writing.  I enjoy writing but have a great difficulty maintaining focus and momentum from time to time.  As of this writing it’s been three months and I have maybe 2000 words to show for it.  That’s just the way it’s been recently.  So, it’s time to change that.  First off I should write a decent bit here and get this location more active.  This little writeup is that jump-start, now all I have to do is continue daily, which itself will be a very interesting challenge.

Writing to me is a lot like acting.  When you take on a character in acting most actors want something that stretches them.  They want something to take them out of their comfort zone and challenge their current understanding of being human.  This creates some very memorable characters.  Writing to me is the same idea.  You want to write something that engages your imagination and emotions.  If they’re not engaged, there’s not as much invested in the story.  When you have some real discomfort in the story, it, at least to me, gives off that aura which makes everything much more engaging.  So I look for different styles of stories to attempt.  I don’t always make it as there are days I can’t handle leaving the comfortable writing rut, but other days it gets dynamic because suddenly I’m out of the rut and into uncharted territory.  That’s when I’m truly engaged in the story and wanting to see where the journey takes me.

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