I sit here, tapping away on my keyboard to bring you a message of electronic media. Writing can be fun, and snarky, and at times, thoughtful and even prescient. But it does not happen unless someone decides to write. Sharing of stories and ideas is a social process, one might almost call it a social ‘need’.

Writers of any kind are social bellwethers. What is written is part and parcel of the times that they live in, and affect them. As an example, when the nuclear bomb appeared, humanity was shocked by it’s power, and fascinated by it’s potential. Stories and movies appeared that reflected these feelings, both positively and negatively. A famous example is ‘Godzilla’, a creature of the atomic bomb.

Realize we, as writers, are a reflection of the times we live in, and in our writings these values, fears, wonders, and curiosity are reflected. We also shape the future. Another example of this, is are the numerous science fiction stories that presaged the creation of items that now are ubiquitous in our modern world. Lasers, prophesized in H.G. Wells, war of the worlds, is probably the most recognizable example.

As writers, our job, is to entertain, speculate, expose truth, question ourselves and our world, and most of all, stimulate the imagination.

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