The Pandemonium

The Works and Worlds of J Dark

The Jiminy part 25

by J Dark
March 27, 2017
The view changed to the corner the small desk there. The desk was built into the wall, with a small round stool that swung out for sitting. The wall screen moved closer to the desk, then shifted as the girl sat down. The screen leaned towards the desk and went dark. A moment later, faint shudders went through the room as a choked sob escaped. Oh man she is taking this all way too hard. She'll make herself sick with all this. There's got to be something I can do, or convince her to do. 'That's the job Jiminy. Oh, sorry, Travis-iny.' The letters were like a kid's scribble, in bright red. "So what's the deal with that other voice? That guy sucks, you know! He's trying to get her to attack those thugs one at a time with that blade! What're you gonna do to stop her?! She'll screw her life up if she.." The letters suddenly loomed from the floor up the curved wall to meet at the top of the hemispherical room. The black was so intense with made the room seem light. 'I will do nothing, Jiminy. That's my job. You're here to do yours, and . . . [Read More]