The Pandemonium

The Works and Worlds of J Dark

The Jiminy part 28

by J Dark
April 26, 2017
The girl, he felt, was also having second thoughts. I hope I can get through this time. "Hey, I know you're upset, and things don't feel like they'll get better. You gotta understand something. You will see hard days,lol! and you'll see good days. These are part of them hard days. If you keep on goin' this way, with that blade, you're gonna create more hard days, worse days than you can imagine. They'll treat you like an adult, and throw you in with the real hard cases. This ain't close to what's waitin' in real prison. You know that. It ain't too late. Just throw that blade away, it's nothin' but trouble and big time prison if you keep it." "Put it away for now, no one will find it in those socks. Bed checks never look at socks. You're free and clear. If you're scared, I understand completely. Not everyone has the guts to stand up for themselves. You'll be just another loser bitch who gets told to fuck prison guards to get things smuggled in. Of course that's all you're good for, obviously. If you wanted to take charge of your life, you'd be scoring some tape . . . [Read More]